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High Performance Systems (HPS) was founded some 25 years ago by former Digital Equipement (DEC) employees. DEC was the cradle of the VMS/OpenVMS platform.

Today HPS is a leading OpenVMS enterprise. Our consultants are top ranked in their fields, not only in Sweden but in the entire OpenVMS world.


Today also, the company is the backbone of High Performance, a corporation group comprising also of Stockholm Colocation AB (Data Center Services), High Performance Software (Software Development) and Stockholms Stadsn├Ąt (ISP, Broadband)

HPS has received the highest credit rating, AAA.

OpenVMS is still one of HPS' key business areas. But we also supply the market with consultants and specialists in other areas such as IT-Security, Outsourcing and Infrastructure.  

Another, expanding, business area is our fixed assignments for Cloud Solutions, Help Desk Services and Technical Support.

For more than two decades we have supported our clients to produce useful, reliable and cost-effective IT solutions - secure IT solutions. Many have saved millions of dollars over the years by hiring us. Others have increased their revenues in the same size. We think that feels good.


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