OpenVMS Outsourcing

Integrated Outsourcing


Integrated Outsourcing means an overall commitment consisting of administration and development of both your infrastructure and your applications. We take care of everything; hardware and networks, applications and support. We supply your business with a customized IT support and you can move your focus from daily IT-related issues to the business. Reduced IT-costs and systems durability comes as a bonus.

Infrastructure Outsourcing
consists in this operation of the hardware and network as well as customer service. Sweden's most experienced OpenVMS System Administrators and System Managers work for HPS. They have great knowledge in the OpenVMS area and experience from highly complex environments. We also have our own modern Data Centers to ensure complete redundancy.

Applications Outsourcing

The major benefit of outsourcing applications is control of access and quality, but you also reduce your costs and avoid staffing problems and dependence on key personnel.

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HPS' offer also includes traditional Outsourcing Services, such as handling your servers and other peripherals in our modern Data Centers. Or or take responsibility for the operation of your platform without moving it from your site.

We has a large number of fixed assignments for companies, authorities and organizations where we deliver secure operation, Specialists, Security services, Training and Support.

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